•   It was great to meet with you and for you to take time out of your schedule to demonstrate some technique to my kids. It was also a pleasure for you to come into our practice after a long week in Vegas to provide a quick clinic to our elite kids practice in Riverside County. During our conversations I was glad to be of assistance in bringing to teammates together. It's such a small world that we would meet and that you would have such a connection with Jim Cook, my kids coach. The story's and experiences between both of you would make a Great book or movie. Thanks James Wells
    —California Elite Wrestling Team
  •   Students of Combat-Do, I hope you realize just how lucky you are. YOU are a Student of Master Bob Schirmer. I've known Master Bob for 20 years and I'm Proud and Honored to have him as Teacher and a close Friend, he is a Hall of Famer, an Innovator, a Champion Fighter, and one of the finest men I've ever known. You will be hard pressed out of the thousands of Martial Arts Schools to find someone who is a great teacher as well as a great fighter, it's extremely rare. Even more rare is a teacher who has evolved his art and his methods like Master Bob has. But don't take my word for it, the proof is Champion after Champion, Win after Win in Jiu Jitsu, MMA and Kickboxing. The record speaks for itself. Want a school where you'll actually learn something that may save your ass? Want a teacher who walks the walk and actually CARES about his students? Want to learn from the BEST? Call Master Bob. Congratulations on your big IMMAF win! Love you Bro! Mike Carey Shidokan Black Belt Bare Knuckle Contact Fighter and Television personalty
    —Mike Carey, Shidokan Black Belt Bare Knuckle Full Contact Fighter
  • Some people talk the talk but Master Bob walks the walk. He is the real deal. I beleive in credentials if I told you I had a trainer that is in the Grappling Hall of Fame. Whose team has been on the very top of the Nation in Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling (mma.tv) for five years in a row, and has trained several UFC fighters. What are you waiting for? Train with the best, Master Bob Schirmer.
    —Frank Babcock, President of K.I.C.K. International

The School

The school is 6000 sq feet. it contains a complete men’s and woman’s locker room. There is a full regulation size boxing ring. a very complete weight lifting area complete with dip bars, and pull up bars, the school is fully matted with resilite wrestling mats and Swain throw bags.Nine heavy bags.three throwing dummies, a dozen striking shields. The school has an extensive store with clothing and equipment for all your martial arts needs.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152631239944802&set=vb.545574801&type=2&theater#